What is provided?

Each hermitage contains an altar, The New Jerusalem Bible, a handmade wooden cross and icons. Large windows provide a view of the wonders of nature in all seasons. An extra-long bed, rocking chair and a screened porch add to the restful comfort of the hermitage.

There is a wardrobe for clothing. General supplies (flashlight, towels, washcloth, bedding, soap, coffee/tea, rain poncho, umbrella, insect repellent) are furnished.

In the spirit of simplicity, there is no electricity or plumbing. A gaslight and candles provide light, and a thermostatically-controlled gas wall heater provides for winter comfort. A gas burner allows guests to heat water for coffee or tea and for personal grooming. The outdoor “biffy” is a short walk away and a commode is available in each hermitage.

Showers are available in the Community House from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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