The 2000s

2000 On February 2, six more hermitages were blessed and opened; St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Dominic, St. Clare and St. Francis. • Mark Balma, fresco artist and former hermit, painted the chapel image of Jesus.

2002 Pacem in Terris is featured on KSTP TV’s News Extra. Watch the video.

2003 The Prayer Partner Ministry was established; hundreds of hermit guests promise to continue to pray for Pacem in their daily lives. • The Pacem In Terris ministry has grown to include 240 acres of woods, prairie and wetlands. Approximately 1000 hermit guests are received annually; about half are new to Pacem. Since Shirley accepted that invitation in 1979, hundreds of people have joined in this mission through prayer, time, talent and treasure.

2008 Board President Fr. Tim Nolan is interviewed on Relevant Radio’s City Winds. Listen to the interview.

2009 Pacem in Terris is featured on WCCO TV’s Newscast. Watch the video.

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