The 1980s

1982 Eighty acres of forest and prairie were purchased in Isanti County, Minnesota, about an hour north of the Twin Cities. • The Cross was placed on the Prairie.

1984 Pacem in Terris was incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

1987 St. Joseph house was purchased at a silent auction from local St. Francis High School Shop class and moved to Pacem. Shirley Wanchena, along with Jeffrey (her son), his wife Susan and their 4 children moved into the house. The downstairs was used for the retreat center, greeting area, office, shower facilities and Shirley’s quarters and office. • Construction of St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Anthony hermitages was started along with the first walking trails.

1988 On May 1st the first hermit guests were received.

1989 Two burros were donated to Pacem in Terris. • The boardwalk was constructed allowing guests a lakeside meditation spot.• On September 10th, a Dedication Mass was held on the prairie with Bishop Jerome Hanus and Bishop George Speltz officiating. Eleven priests from surrounding parishes and a few hundred guests participated in the celebration.

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