Other Notes

“Thank you – I feel as if I’ve discovered a new definition of peace!”

“I just wanted to thank you for making a place like Pacem In Terris possible and available. I did not leave Pacem the same person. I know my faith and relationship with God and the world have been enhanced.”

“What an amazing blessing it has been for me to still myself in the presence of God, free from any distraction. From the moment I entered this place I felt peace flooding my soul.”

“I’ve always thought of the Lord in the things that are powerful: thunder, multitudes of people in musical worship. But I have learned He also comes through and speaks to me in a gentle whisper. I have experienced an incredible gift from the Lord, to be still – alone- and know that He is God.”

“How can I thank you for what I’ve experienced here? To walk in the beauty of God’s creation–to pray to Him and to listen–to listen in a way that I never have before. I don’t leave here with answers to all my problems. I leave with peace–knowing that He is all I need. Bless you all! Bless this place. I will return.”

“Just a note to let you know what a wonderful and special prayer experience it was for me staying at your hermitage. The silence was golden and the solitude enfolding – an experience I will return to have again. Thank you again for everything. It was a beautiful day in a sacred space.”

“The hermitage experience was like nothing I have ever done before. I cannot think of one thing that needs to be changed. I know deep within me that God is ever-present in this place, working miracles inside of people who come here. God bless all of you – I shall return.”

“Thank you so very much for the role you played in my blessed time with the Lord! This is a beautiful place, beautifully maintained and a beautiful reflection of God’s love and provision. I leave with a whole new and refreshed perspective on God’s will for my life and ministry.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality, prayers and caring. God spoke to me in so many ways at Pacem. I feel peaceful, renewed and challenged to a deeper faith life. Pacem was just what I needed and just when I needed it – God’s perfect timing.”

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