May 2010

Hermit Letter“What a gift to be in God’s holy presence. It seems as though the time was not long enough, but this will hopefully bring me back very soon! Shalom”

“This was a wonderful experience for me and I will be back. It was great to have the quiet time to reflect with God and the Holy Spirit. Thank you!”

“Praise be to our God! Intimacy with a thrice holy God through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord–a possibility beyond imagination, yet real. May God richly bless all as He has me!”

“Yes, this weekend won’t soon be forgotten by this young mom of three. I will seek God in stillness and quiet more purposefully now because I know He is there. As a pilgrim I will journey to this place again to seek God and find Him. What you have here is a treasure and I will share it with others–like my faith in a majestic, one, true God.”

“Pacem has become a vital necessity in my relationship with Our Lord, and I long for this place and the fellowship it brings. It amazes me that God longs for us to be intimate with Him. He is constantly drawing us closer if we would just listen. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to do just that.”

“God is so Good! I thought I was coming here to get over my fear of loneliness, but in-stead, God saturated me with His love and gave me peace with being alone–with Him. This is my Poustinia! Alleluia!!”

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