Pertinent Facts About Pacem in Terris

1. What is Pacem in Terris?
Pacem in Terris is a hermitage retreat center. The name is Latin for “Peace on Earth.”

2. Where is it located?
Pacem in Terris is located about one hour north of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and one hour south east of St. Cloud.

3. When was it established?
On May 1, 1988, Pacem officially opened with three hermitages.

4. What is a hermitage retreat?
You enter the silence and solitude of a hermitage—a simple and comfortable prayer cabin—to spend time alone with God.

5. How many hermitages are there?
Pacem in Terris currently has 16 hermitages located in a naturally wooded area and three indoor hermitage rooms, for those with special needs, located in the community house.

6. Why do people come?
They come for many reasons, always seeking quiet, alone, undistracted prayer time with God.

7. How long do they stay?
Guests are encouraged to make at least a two-night retreat, which allows for a full day of uninterrupted time alone with God, however, hermits may determine their own length of stay.

8. When is it open?
Pacem in Terris is open year-round, seven days a week, except for Christmas and Easter and two weeks in the summer for scheduled maintenance.

9. What do hermits do?
Hermits are encouraged to enter the hermitage free from agendas, expectations, programs, and schedules. There is no place they have to go, nothing they have to do. It is a time to enjoy “being” and not “doing.” They find rest for body, soul, and spirit. This includes the freedom to
pray, nap, journal, rock in the rocking chair, and walk the approximately three miles of trails
and roads. If desired, they may visit the community house for the evening meal, and to use the
restrooms, shower, and exercise facilities. A staff person is always present to assist when needed.

10. Who comes?
Pacem in Terris welcomes people of all faiths. About a thousand individuals come for a hermitage retreat each year; one-third are Catholic, two-thirds are from a variety of other faiths.

11. What church affiliation is Pacem in Terris?
Pacem in Terris is founded in the Roman Catholic faith and the Franciscan tradition, with an ecumenical ministry to people of all faiths.

12. What is the cost?
The actual cost per night in a hermitage is $90. However, Pacem accepts free-will offerings, and guests are encouraged to give whatever they can to meet the actual expense. As a non-profit corporation, Pacem depends entirely on free-will offerings and outside donations.