Participate – Become an Ambassador of Pacem

Lily PadThis next exciting stage in our Legacy Fund campaign is to proclaim loud and clear the good news of Pacem in Terris and God’s call to:

“Create an environment where My people can come and be alone with Me.”

Our desire is to honor Our Lord by proclaiming the amazing, powerful, often life-changing encounters with the living God when those he invites respond and come to the hermitage to be alone with Him. In doing so, our hope is that more people will hear God’s invitation and come to Pacem in Terris on retreat. Too many people still don’t know that Pacem is here for them!
Can you and will you help spread the word, the “good news”?

Here are some ways to share this journey with us:

Invite someone to make a hermitage retreat for the first time
Bring family members and friends to Pacem for a tour (call us to schedule at 763-444-6408)
Give a gift certificate to someone who has not made a hermitage retreat
Place a link to Pacem in Terris ( on your favorite Web site
Become an Ambassador for Pacem

Ambassadors help spread the good news about Pacem in Terris by sharing meaningful stories that reflect the glory of God who inspires, heals, and transforms lives through the silence and solitude of a hermitage experience. If you would like to know more about being an ambassador for Pacem, call 763-444-6408.

Yes, I want to be an Ambassador for Pacem.

I wish to help in one or more of these ways:

Host an information gathering for friends, co-workers or family at home or public meeting place
Give a presentation or witness to a group or church about Pacem or being a hermit
Sponsor and host a table/booth at your church
Arrange for your church, club or civic organization to host a Pacem speaker
Write an article for publication about your experience at Pacem

We have prepared special materials to help you spread the “good news” about Pacem.  Call us anytime at 763-444-6408 for more information, or to request what you need; or you may download the items below. Just click on the link. Pacem in Terris Ambassador materials include:

Suggestions for talking points
Pertinent facts about Pacem
Summer Flyer
Winter Flyer
• Video
• Speakers
• Prayer Support

It is wonderful to know that many of you will join with us as we journey toward Pacem’s 25th anniversary in May 2013. We are truly in this together, and with hearts full of thanksgiving, give glory to God for His bountiful blessings on those called to be alone with Him in the silence and solitude of the hermitage – and all those who provide for Pacem in Terris.

No matter what, as hermits and friends of Pacem, we always need you. We need you to spread the good news about Pacem. We need you to help us meet our operating costs each year. Thank you to each one of you for your recent gifts!

We also need you to pray for a generous response to the Legacy Fund.